Google Chrome 8 Supports PDF Reading

Google Chrome 8, makes your PDF reading easier without a desktop PDF reader.

That means when you click a PDF link, the document will open directly in the Chrome browser. Chrome’s built-in PDF reader is also walled up within a sandbox, lowering the risk that security issues will escape a confined region of memory to facilitate a broader attack on a computer.

Though many people said that this version was not gratifying as expected, I do think this is a good updates for most people. You don’t need to go to to download a free PDF reader, just with Google Chrome, one of the most common Internet browsers, you can easily view a PDF document.

Another interesting feature was mentioned on PCWorld site. It wrote that Chrome 8 is the first version of the browser to full support for Google’s upcoming Chrome Web Store, which many people believe will be launched soon. The Chrome Web Store will offer an array of Web-based applications, both free and paid, specifically designed to work with the Chrome browser and the still-under-development Chrome OS.

Chrome 8 is now available at Google’s Chrome download page. If you’re already using Chrome, the program should automatically find and install the upgrade soon. If you don’t want to wait, just click the tool icon at the top right corner of the program and select “About Google Chrome.” That’ll force your browser to check for updates and begin the upgrade process.

After installing it in your PC, you can enjoy the convenice provided by Google Chrome 8.

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