iCould Opens up for Developer with Competitive Upgrade Pricing

iCloud, Apple’s ambitious cloud-based music, video, photo and data automatic backup and push out service, the replacement to Apple’s MobileMe service, has finally been opened but it’s  just beta version and only released for developers.

iCloud.com has just gone live. That seems to be a pretty good sign that the web component will launch alongside iCloud itself at some point in the next few months. And if the log-in screen is any indication, the web apps are going to be beautiful.

iCloud includes a new Mail application; similar in feel and look to Mac OS X Lion’s Mail application, keeping consistency across the board. The same can be said with the other cloud-based applications, which includes Keynote and Numbers for Mac.

It features your Contacts, Calendar, iWork and Find my iPhone — all features available in both Mac OS X and iOS 5.

Referring to the price of newly live iClould, “5GB of free storage is plenty for most people. But if you need extra space, you can always buy additional storage,” Apple notes on the site.  And the additional pricing is as follows: 
• 10GB Additional, $20/year 
• 20GB Additional, $40/year 
• 50GB Additional, $100/year

If you’re not a software developer, don’t be frustrated, the full version of iCloud will be ready for the masses this fall.

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