Microsoft Is Reported Preparing A Smartwatch

Rumors of smart watches and other wearable technology have been heating up in recent weeks, as industry insiders claim such devices will be the next big thing in tech. According to the verger, Microsoft is preparing a wrist-worn device, which is said to be in the prototype phase, with a 1.5-inch touch display attached to removable bands. It is probably another smart watch.  And this project is now be worked by Microsoft Xbox & Kinects.

The interest in smart watches picked up last year when a Kickstarter campaign for the Pebble watch earned more than $10 million.

Apple is also said to have a 100-person team working on its own smart watch, a rumored product frequently referred to as a so-called “iWatch.”

Samsung, which is reportedly working on its own smart watch accessory, has already tried and failed to grow the niche market with two products released over the years, neither of which made much of an impact.

And Apple Insider have claimed that Google is working on its own smart watch in addition to Glass, while LG is said to be developing its own wrist-worn accessory.

Google allegedly views its wristwatch project as a device that could have more mainstream appeal than the company’s in-the-works Google Glass project, which offers users the ability to read messages and take photos with a device worn on their head in the same of normal glasses.

As for LG’s watch, that alleged device is said to have a touchscreen, but it’s unknown what operating system the device may run. Two options presented by the Korea Times were Android or the Firefox mobile operating system.

Though many rumors about smartwatch by these technology giants are spread world widely and we just see the prototype from the internet, there are some in-real-life smart watches available for purchase, like the MetaWatch, I’m Watch, Sony Smartwatch, and Cookoo.

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