Microsoft to show more details on its Windows 8 app sotre next week

News from Winrumors show that, Microsoft is planning to reveal details on its Windows Store plans for Windows 8 in a briefing on Tuesday next week.

The software giant has invited a number of press, analysts and developers to a two-hour preview event in San Francisco on December 6. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reports that the event is entitled “Windows Store Preview” and looks set to provide developers with key information about the company’s plans in Windows 8.

Microsoft previously detailed its Windows Store efforts at its Build conference earilier this year in mid-September. The Windows Store is a Metro style application. The application is built on the same WinRT APIs that developers can use themselves across their Windows 8 Metro apps. Windows Store takes advantage of HTML5 and JavaScript to provide end users with a portal for secure, tested applications. All applications include a brief overview, full detail page and reviews. The overview section will indicate the supported platform for the application (x86/64/ARM).

Trying to outdo Apple’s Mac App store, the Windows Store will let users download free trial copies of Metro-style apps to check out for a limited time. So developers won’t have to cook up both paid and “lite” versions of their applications. Beyond that, both free and paid apps would be available. Microsoft will also run security checks and other tests to certify each app.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Store is the ability for websites to advertise their Windows 8 Metro application for download on their own site. Websites with an application will include a button for end users to launch or download the application. The launch surface will push the user straight into the Metro Windows Store experience and offer them the ability to download or trial the application. If the application is already installed then it will simply work as a launch surface for the existing app.

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