Most Adobe Reader Users Install Insecure Versions

Adobe Reader is undoubtedly the most popular PDF reader. Unfortunately, according to Avast,  the majority of Adobe Reader users install insedure versions.

In the report, the company said:

An analysis of avast! antivirus users found that 60.2% of those with Adobe Reader were running a vulnerable version of the program and only 40% of users had the newest Adobe Reader X or were fullypatched. One out of every five users also had an unpatched version of Adobe Reader that was at least two generations old (8.x). Adobe Reader is the most popular PDF reader application and subsequently is the biggest target for malware writers. Over 80% of avast! users run a version of Adobe Reader, with Foxit, the second most popular PDF reader, having a much smaller user share of 4.8%.

These numbers are worrisome when you take into account that the Adobe software is always among the most commonly exploited programs.  It’s important to note, too, that there are specialized PDF exploit packs targeting users running outdated versions of Adobe Reader.

If you must use Adobe Reader, it’s very important to update to Adobe Reader X with Protected View (aka “sandboxing”). Windows users should also and opt into the automatic update option.

Are your an Adobe Reader user? Or have you updated your Adobe Reader to the latest version 10.1.0?  If not, please go to Adobe company website:

Or you can go to this article, to find a right PDF tool you need.

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