Sharing Photo on Twitter is Available for All Users

Announced during June of this year, Twitter rolled out the ability to upload photos to all users now. When users log into the Web version of Twitter, they will be greeted with a prompt that directs users to click the new camera icon underneath the messaging box to choose a photo to upload. This will make sharing information on Twitter more funny, what’s more, photos will attract your followers and let them figure out more clearly about what you shared. From this point, the chance your followers retwitter your shared news is bigger.

Twitter has put a 3MB limit on the size of photos and photos immediately appear in thumbnail mode before a user completes the message. The user also has the ability to delete the picture before sending the tweet. All images are being hosted by Photobucket and will show up as “” links within the Twitter feed.

Twitter also says, it has yet to enable the feature for its mobile apps, and the ability to tweet directly from the iPhone camera will waiting for the launch of iOS 5 in the fall. Twitter plans on launching user Galleries, another feature that has yet to be enabled. As of yet all the individually uploaded pictures are one offs, but Galleries will eventually aggregate all pictures a user has ever uploaded including those from services like Twitpic and Yfrog.

Until then, we wait for more new features adding to Twitter to make information sharing more colorful.

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