Tablet PC Versus Notebook, Steve Jobs Was Right.

As the tablet PC technology is developing maturely, many tablets of kinds of sizes are provided to users, like iPad Mini of 7.9 inches and iPad of 9.7 inches, and Kindle Fire of 7 inches. Smaller the tablet is, it is more portable and easier to take at hand or get into small handbags. However, most tablet PCs are under-power, comparing with notebook PCs, and mainly used for entertainment, just not capable with business, this may be the reason that’s why people still choose a notebook.

But according to NPD DisplaySearch Reports, Tablet PC shipments are expected to reach more than 240 million units worldwide in 2013, easily exceeding the 207 million notebook  PCs.

Below is an image shows the shipment share forecast by screen size, and we can know that the small size tablet under 9.7″ will account for almost 70%.

And from the reports, in 2017, tablet PCs will account for up to 74% in the worldwide. And this is just like Steve Job’s predictions.

Tablet PCs are more and more popular in our daily life, especially Apple’s iPad or iPad Mini, they can not onlybe used in schools for lessons, but they also give us much fun to play games with our friends. And I know why iPad is still the children’s best choice for presents now.

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