Two Ways to Edit A PDF – with Adobe Acrobat and Edit PDF in Word

In many situations, we need to edit a PDF file, but we don’t know how to do this efficiently. With a PDF editor, like Adobe Acrobat that is expensive for us? Or use another alternative cheaper way to edit PDF in Word? In this article, I will tell you how to edit PDF with Adobe Acrobat or edit  PDF in Word; you may make your decision after comparing these two ways.

First way: Edit PDF in Adobe Acrobat

1. Open the PDF file

2. Click View tab, and then click Toolbars, choose Advanced Editing







3. Find the Text editing tool in the toolbar list, it is penultimate.


4. Select the field you want to make changes and edit the text.

Second Way: Edit PDF in Word

1. Download and install a PDF to Word converter. You can try this one - Simpo PDF to Word.

2. Convert the PDF files to editable Word. Click Add PDF(s) button to import the PDF files  and then click Convert button to convert them to editable Word documents.









3. Edit PDF in Word. Now you can make changes in the converted Word documents, add or delete text, images, just edit the PDF in Word as you need.

4. Convert Word back to PDF. After making changes in the Word, you can convert Word back to PDF, and there are many free ways to save Word as PDF.

It is a bit trouble to edit PDF in Word, but this way is much cheaper than editing a  PDF with Adobe Acrobat. And below are the comparisons of these two ways:

A. Price. Generally, Adobe Acrobat costs at least $199 for students or teacher version; but a PDF to Word converter is $29.95 at most, it is much cheaper.

B. Convenience. It is a bit zigzag to edit PDF in Word, you have to convert the PDF to Word, make changes in Word and convert Word back to PDF; but Adobe Acrobat will let you edit PDF directly, so you can make changes to the PDF and just save it, it is more convenient.

C. Quality. Sometimes, especially for some complicated PDF files, it is not easy to convert accurately, even the technology for converting PDF improves a lot nowadays; Adobe Acrobat allows you directly edit or make changes in the original PDF file, no formatting or layout loss in conversion.

So, if you have enough budget and often need to edit PDF files professionally, you can purchase the full version of Adobe Acrobat to edit PDF text; otherwise, you may install a PDF to Word converter to do this.

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Microsoft Is Reported Preparing A Smartwatch

Rumors of smart watches and other wearable technology have been heating up in recent weeks, as industry insiders claim such devices will be the next big thing in tech. According to the verger, Microsoft is preparing a wrist-worn device, which is said to be in the prototype phase, with a 1.5-inch touch display attached to removable bands. It is probably another smart watch.  And this project is now be worked by Microsoft Xbox & Kinects.

The interest in smart watches picked up last year when a Kickstarter campaign for the Pebble watch earned more than $10 million.

Apple is also said to have a 100-person team working on its own smart watch, a rumored product frequently referred to as a so-called “iWatch.”

Samsung, which is reportedly working on its own smart watch accessory, has already tried and failed to grow the niche market with two products released over the years, neither of which made much of an impact.

And Apple Insider have claimed that Google is working on its own smart watch in addition to Glass, while LG is said to be developing its own wrist-worn accessory.

Google allegedly views its wristwatch project as a device that could have more mainstream appeal than the company’s in-the-works Google Glass project, which offers users the ability to read messages and take photos with a device worn on their head in the same of normal glasses.

As for LG’s watch, that alleged device is said to have a touchscreen, but it’s unknown what operating system the device may run. Two options presented by the Korea Times were Android or the Firefox mobile operating system.

Though many rumors about smartwatch by these technology giants are spread world widely and we just see the prototype from the internet, there are some in-real-life smart watches available for purchase, like the MetaWatch, I’m Watch, Sony Smartwatch, and Cookoo.

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How to Set Password to Protect Excel Workbook and Specific Cells

In some occasional situations, you may want to set password to protect the Excel workbook and prevent other people from copying, changing or editing cell data. For example, you just create an Excel workbook and do not want others open it, you may need to set an open password; or only want others open the Excel but not change data in the Excel, you can set password to let the Excel Workbook to be read-only; or you just want to protect specific cells.

Protect specific Cells

Step1, select the cells you want to protect > right click and choose Format Cells.

Step2, Click the Protection in the Custom Lists > check Locked option to protect selected cells. Below the Hidden, you will see a sentence: Locking cells or hiding formulas has no effect until you protect the worksheet. So we go to step3 to set password to protect the worksheet.







Step3, click Review tab > go to Protect Sheet > type password to protect the sheet.











Secure Excel Workbook

First method: From the above image, we will find the Protect Workbook is just next to Protect Sheet, click it > go to Protect Structure and Windows or Restricted Access, which needs a Windows Live ID to register this service. Or use other ways to set password to protect Excel Workbook as below.







Second method: Click Office button > go to Save As > on the Tools menu, click General Options.

  • If you want users to enter a password before they can view the workbook, type a password in thePassword to open box, and then click OK.
  • If you want users to enter a password before they can save changes to the workbook, type a password in the Password to modify box.






Third method: Just as to set password to protect Word documents, you can also use that way to set password to protect Excel workbook:

Step1, click Microsoft Office button, point to Prepare, then click Encrypt Document.












Step2, in the Password box, type a password, and then click OK.

Step3, in the Reenter password box, type the password again, and then click OK.

Step4, to save the password, save the file.

You can set password to protect your Excel workbook or specific cells with any way above. And if you have other ideas on protecting Excel spreadsheets, please leave your advice in the comments.

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Rumors: Apple may delay the debuts of iPhone 5s and next iPad mini

Ming-chi Kuo of KGI Securities, who has a strong track record in revealing Apple’s future product plans, shared a research note on Thursday that suggested Apple’s so-called “iPhone 5S,” a rumored low-cost iPhone, and a second-generation iPad mini will all launch later than market consensus expects.

Kuo has previously forecasted earlier in January about Apple’s entire 2013 product lineup, said that new iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac would be released in this autumn. He was targeting a June/July for new iPhone models, with a version specific to China Mobile arriving a bit later in September.

According to Kuo’s report on Thursday, these apparent delays are driven by a variety of issues:

  • Fingerprint sensor for iPhone 5S. Work on finding the right color coatings in order to prevent interference with the sensor offers a technical challenge for Apple, and software integration in iOS 7 will also require additional work.
  • Color coatings for lower-cost iPhone. Apple’s lower-cost iPhone has been rumored to be arriving with a plastic shell in a number of different colors, and Apple’s efforts to keep the shell as thin as possible will likely lead to production ramping issues for coatings and surface treatments.
  • iPad mini Retina display. Kuo expects the second-generation iPad mini to adopt a Retina display, and technical challenges related to its design and manufacture are likely to slow Apple’s release timetable.

Kuo does not provide a new specific target date for the launches of the updated models, instead laying out a series of three scenarios modeling how Apple’s shipments could be affected based on August/September, September/October, and October/November timeframes.

As a result of these issues, Kuo said it’s likely that Apple will see single-digit growth in iPhone and iPad shipments in the third quarter of 2013. That would be well below the market consensus, which sees Apple growing its sales by between 30 and 40 percent with the introductions of new products.

Kuo’s report comes as Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty has released her own report projecting new iPhone launches for September following an iOS 7 preview at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) expected in June. Huberty projects that Apple will show off a new “killer app” such as mobile wallet at WWDC, with the new iPhone and iPad hardware following several months later.

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How to Protect Word Documents with Password or Remove the Password to Unprotect

Sometimes, you want to set password to protect the Word documents from being opened or modified by other people. If you are using Office 2007 Suite or Word 2007, you’ll find it is really easy to do this.

Set password to protect Word document:

1. Click the Microsoft Office Button, go to Prepare, click Encrypt Document.












2. Type a password in the Encrypt Document dialogue box, then click OK.






You can type up to 255 characters. By default, this feature uses AES 128-bit advanced encryption. Encryption is a standard method used to help make your file more secure.

3. In the Confirm Password dialogue box, in the Reenter Password field, type the password again and click OK.

With a password preventing other people opening your Word document, you yourself also need to enter the password every time you want to read it. So, it is a bit trouble sometimes and you want to remove the password to unprotect the Word:

1. Open the Word with password.

2. Click the Microsoft Office Button, point to Prepare, click Encrypt Document.

3. In the Encrypt Document dialog box, in the Password box, delete the old password, and then click OK.

4. Save the Word document.

Then you will not be asked to enter a password to open it.

These tips are useful for Office 2007 users, but it is a little different in Office 2010 to set password to protect the document in the first step: click the File tab, go to Info, click Protect Document, then click Encrypt with Password. Then do as above to set password to Word 2007.



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How to Set Password to Protect PDF Files with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe PDF are one of the most popular file formats, according to Google, there are 667 million PDF files created and used in the worldwide. For sharing information and exchange documents, PDF is absolutely the most appropriate file format, its high compatibility, and strong encryption, make it more and more used in many fields. But there is a problem, you do not want other people to copy or change the PDF contents. So you want to set password to protect your PDF files.

If you have installed Adobe Acrobat Pro/Stand (not Adobe Reader version), you can follow below steps:

Step1, click Secure and open the drag-down list. Then choose Password Encrypt to open the password setting box.





Step2, set password to protect PDF files. There are two types of PDF password – Open Password: to prevent other people from opening your PDF documents. This is only used for those very confidential cases that you don’t want anybody else know the PDF content or some PDF ebooks sold on the internet; Permissions: usually called Owner Password. If you do not want others make any changes but only printing allowed, you can set PDF password as below: Print Allowed – High Resolution; Changes Allowed -None.

But if you have created a PDF form, like a job application which every candidate needs to fill in personal information, you can set the Changes Allowed to let others Filling in form fields and signing existing signature fields.




Of course, other settings are allowed as your specific need, as Adobe Acrobat are a professional PDF tool. But there is a drawback for this application, it’s too expensive, costs hundreds of dollars, not affordable for most of us. If you have not enough budget, you may try this PDF creator, which allows you to set password while creating PDF from other printable files, but much cheaper than Adobe Acrobat Pro.


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How to Add Header and Page Number in a Word Document

In order to well organize Word document content and basically introduce the main content of each chapter, we would like to add header and page number in a Word document. But some times, people may come cross a problem: the header and page number can not be inserted on the top of Word document at the same time, when adding header, the page number disappears and vice versa.

Actually, this question can be easily fixed with below steps:

Step1, open the Word document;

Step2, go to Insert Tab and find Header & Footer option. You can choose to insert header or page number, in this article, I would like to insert page number first, so I choose Page Number from the options and want to add the page number on Top of Page. Of course, you can add page number at the bottom of page and set other customization, like page margins and position.






Step3, edit page number in the opened Design tab. And you can also add header in the Header section, like below image,

Step4, click “Close  Header and Footer” to quit after adding the header and page number.

It is really easy to add header and page number in Word document, isn’t it? Just within 4 steps, you can do this in seconds. And if you meet a situation to insert the header or page number, you can follow above steps.

If you have any advice on adding header and page number in a Word document, please leave your comments.

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Google Reader Will Be Retired, Here Are Some Alternatives

After released for eight years, Google Reader is inevitably shut down by Google, due to the product’s usage was declined by years. The popular of social network site, like Twitter, Facebook, and other news apps have lead the downfall of RSS feeds. But if you are used to RSS feeds reading, there are some alternatives for the retired Google Reader.

1. Flipboard 

Flipboard is already an immensely popular newsreader and social-network hub, it has no desktop or browser-based component, but it is compatible with both iOS and Android. So, no matter what kind of devices you have, an iPhone or an Android smartphone, you can use it to organize the info you want to look at and then flip through it like a magazine.

2. Feedly

One of Feedly’s most popular features is that it can sync with Google Reader. Thought this feature will soon be useless, we can find that Feedly is also a top-north RSS reader. You can not only subscribe sites of exited categories, but you also can search any sites within Feedly for subscribes. Besides, it supports iOS, Android, and desktop.

3. Pulse

Pulse News gives you all the news from your favorite feeds with an intuitive interface for touch screens. It is an intuitive app, you can recorder the feed list to show your favorite and most-read sites after launching it. And you can even add Facebook to your feed if you want to know the latest news from friends. It works on iOS, Android and Web.

4. Taptu

Taptu gives you a visual interface for browsing news feeds, a lot like Pulse (see above), and also lets you add your personal Twitter and Facebook feeds. And it is great to tailor the news to your specific needs according to your customs. Compatible with iOS, Android and web.


5. Google Current

Similar to Flipboard, Google Currents employs a magazine-style interface with large images and paginated posts. It lets you subscribe to and download app-optimized editions of publications like Forbes and CNET, and you can subscribe to any RSS-enabled sites you like, just like with Google Reader. It only works on iOS and Android now, not for desktop.

6. NewsBlur

NewsBlur is also a great option, with an interface that’s very similar to Google Reader. You create an account, subscribe to your favorite sites, and read them on any computer. They even have Android and iOS apps that’ll sync your feeds, too.


All of above news RSS are totally free, only NewsBlur charges if you want to subscribe a premium account.

What apps are you usually using for news reading? If you have other options, please do leave your advice in the comments.

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How to Print Out One Page from a File?

In our daily life and work, it is common to print out a file to hard copy. So, many people may meet this situation: How to print out one page from a file? As you only need a specific page from a large multi-pages Word, PowerPoint or PDF document.

In this article, I will tell you some tips to extract one page from a file and print it out.

First, open the file you want to print, let’s take a PDF file for example.

Second, go to File and select Print to open the print options box.










Third, choose the page to be printed. You have two ways to choose the page: one is to go to that page and then check up Current page in the Print Range field; the other is to specify that page you need to print out in the Pages option, just enter the page number of that page.

Fourth, click OK to proceed to print out one page from a file.

Just in four simple steps, you can do this in seconds. Another tips: You have to choose the correct Printer in the Printer Name field;  those printer showed on the above picture is not real printers, only some PDF tools to print files to PDF format on the computer, not print out a file from computer to real paper.

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How to Combine PDF Files on Mac OS X?

It is much easier to combine PDF files on Mac OS X, not like using a PDF merger on Windows computers, you can use the built-in app – Preview to merge PDF files to one.

Below are some tips to combine PDF files on Mac, both ways are compatible with OS X Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard.

First case: If you want to combine two PDF files:

Step 1, simply open the PDF file in Preview.

Step 2, open the thumbnail view (Shift-Command-D).

Step 3, drag a second pdf file ON TOP OF the existing page thumbnail. NOTE: The second opend PDF file must be on top of the first opened thumbnail. If you drag it into the sidebar but not on top of an existing page the new file will be added as an external link – not merged into the original pdf document.

Step 4, combine two PDF files into one.

And if you want to merge more PDF files into one on your Mac, below method would be better.

Second case: when you have to combine more than two PDF files:

Step1. Open the PDF documents that you want to combine in Preview.

Step2. Show the sidebar in each Preview window. If the sidebar is not showing, click the Sidebar button in the Preview window’s toolbar, or choose View > Sidebar > Show Sidebar.

Step3. Verify that the sidebar is configured to show thumbnails (this the default view). If the sidebar is not showing thumbnails, choose View > Sidebar > Thumbnails.

Step4. Drag the thumbnail of one PDF (source) over of the thumbnail of the other PDF (destination) and release the mouse or trackpad button when the pointer shows a Green Circle with a plus symbol in it. This will copy all pages from the source PDF and add them to the end of the destination PDF.

Step5. If the pages in the destination PDF are shown in the wrong order, click the gray circle containing an arrow that appears over the PDF document’s thumbnail, so that the arrow points to the right, and drag the thumbnails of the individual pages into the desired order.

Step6. After the destination PDF contains all of the pages you want and the pages are in the correct order, you can select File > Save As to save a new PDF document containing all of the combined pages, or you can select File > Save to replace the original version of the destination PDF with the version containing the combined pages.

Actually, Preview can not only combine PDF files on Mac, but also highlight text in PDF, add bookmarks, comments or notes to PDF on Mac OS X, you can even annotate PDF text with Apple’s Preview.

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