64 Bit period is coming soon

People will never feel strange about 64 bits. It was available in XP period. At that time, as most manufactures can’t support it, so 32 bit was still under the mainstream. One more reason, if you want to install 64bit operate system, high memory is basic requirement. Recent years, as the price of Ram brought down, 4GB can’t ever be a big deal, and meanwhile, manufactures started updating their drivers from 32bit to 64 bit, all provide the right time for the 64bit promotion. The publicity of Windows 7 even means 64bit time is really coming soon!

Comparing to 32bit, 64 bit can let you use more than 4GB memory, especially when you need to use large spreadsheet and data, you will feel how powerful it is, the high memory can make your work faster.

With the advent of Windows 7, 64 bit is spread rapidly. However, some criticisms show 64 bit still has some compatible problems. Many manufactures are rushing the time to update their products to support b4 bit.

Simpo PDF Creator 2.0 is released by Simpo Tech. It can support both 32bit and 64bit. Thus, it can work faster and improve efficiency of work. Simpo PDF Creator is used to create PDF document by converting other format files, such as MS Office documents, image, Visio Project, HTML, txt, and RTF. You can create PDF document from Simpo PDF Creator interface, right click and virtual printer. Additionally, it supports combination as well. You can merge some Word, PPT, and Image into a PDF file, or just easily combine several PDFs together; it’s up to your choice. Meanwhile, security property setting is also available.

In the following days, all the product of Simpo Tech – Simpo PDF to Word, Simpo Word to PDF, Simpo PDF to Text will all support 64bit continuously.

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