How to convert a web page into PDF

Hi, buddy, do you want to show off your blog? Do you want to transfer the website which you like best to your friends? Or do you want to collect all the information in the website for your paper? If yes, then here is the way!

Simpo PDF Creator Pro works as a powerful PDF Writer which can help you easily create PDFs from Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other Windows application.

Once you installed Simpo PDF Creator Pro in your computer, you can easily convert any web page to pdf format. As it can works like a virtual printer driver, all you need to do is just “print” your page. Following are the steps to achieve it.

  1. Open the web page which you need to convert.
  2. Go to File > click Print, select Simpo PDF Creator Pro as printer and click Print button to process on.
  3. A dialog box pops up, click OK.

The output will be stored in the default directory. If you want to change another location to put the created PDF files, just click the Browse button to choose a file folder.

4. Click Save PDF to convert the web site to PDF.


1. Click the Settings button to customize advanced settings, such as Meta data and Author information, and you can also set password to protect your PDF files from copying, printing or editing.

2. If you want to convert other files, such as Office documents and images, to PDF, this creator also helps. And it allows you to merge multiple files to one PDF.

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