Combine Two Word Documents or More into One

Many people may meet this problem: how to merge two Word files or more to one PDF? Some of them want to merge their books of each chapter into one PDF for easy reading; some have to insert a Word file into another. Anyway, I have tried many ways and would like to share my experience to merge two or more Word files into one, and when further need to convert Word to PDF is required, you can try below methods.

Way 1. Free merge two Word files or more to one PDF

It’s simple!

1st, open the Microsoft Word document on your computer that you want to merge with another Word document;

2nd, click on “View > Outline” -> click on the “Show Documents” in “Master Document” field;

3rd, click on the area in the document where you want to add another document. The best place is at the end of the document or at the end of a paragraph, but you can add anywhere.

4th, click on the “Insert” option. Locate the Word document that you want to merge with, and then click on it so that it’s highlighted.

5th, click on the “Open” button and the two documents will then be merged with each other. Then you can save the two merged Word files in one Word document.

In this way, we can merge two Word files together as one and use a free PDF creator to convert it to PDF format if you want.

Of course, you can use this way to merge more Word files into one PDF, but it is not an easy thing in case there are a batch of Word files, as you need to add one by one, takes time to do this. You may as well try below direct and convenient way.

Way 2. Directly merge two Word files or more to one PDF

If you used Simpo PDF Creator Pro, you should have found that it provides an excellent feature to combine multiple files into one PDF.

How to use it to merge two or more Word files to one PDF? Just follow me. If you haven’t used it before, you can click here to download¬†and install it for a try.

1st, add Word files. You can import all the Word files need to merge together to the interface at a time.

2nd, click on “Merge all files to one pdf file” option. After customizing this setting, Simpo PDF Creator Pro will merge the added Word files to one PDF for you.

3rd, merge Word files to one PDF. Click “Convert” start the combination of two or more Word files.

All the things are just simple! With several clicks, you can merge two or more Word files to one PDF in seconds.

Now, you can choose a suitable way to merge two Word files or more to one PDF. If few Word documents, the first way can meet your need; otherwise, the second is better to solve the problem of merging many Word files.

By the way, you can also convert images to PDF ebook with Simpo PDF Creator Pro.

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