The Easiest way to convert PDF to Excel spreadsheets?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a good file format created by Adobe in 1993 and popular for its perfect features. Viewing PDF files is just like reading paper books, what’s more, its restrictions of copying, printing and editing make PDF reliable to us. So, many people convert their Office documents to PDF for sharing or storing. However, these good features will be a drawback in some cases sometimes. When you want to extract a name list from PDF to Excel spreadsheets but find the PDF name list cannot be copied; Accountants find an error in a PDF report and want to correct it, but the report is not editable; Financial analysts receive many PDF records and want to reuse some digital data and tables in these PDFs, only find the PDF cannot support formula and calculation function.

When people meet these cases, they prefer to convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets. As Excel spreadsheets is the most commen workbook to manage data records. Most people create a name list with Excel spreadsheets as the preset layout can save your time to plan in advance on how the table should look like, the table is developed on the go as information is filled in; Accountants use Excel spreadsheets to manage and analyse data efficiently, as Excel provide many functions and formulas that will not only help to manage data records but will also make sure that they could analyse all data based on the constantly changing business environment.

But you may wonder, how to convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets? Actually, you can easily convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets with a PDF to Excel converter.

Below are some tips for your reference to convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets. You can follow the instructions to convert PDF files to Excel.

Step1. Download and run PDF converter

You can download the PDF to Excel converter here, then install it in your PC and run it by double clicking the shortcut icon on your desktop.

Step2. Import PDF files need to convert

You can import a batch of PDF files by clicking Add PDF(s) button or by drag and drop function to save time. This PDF converter allows you to add up to 200 PDF files at a time.

Step3. Set output folder and choose conversion method

At the bottom, you can set output folder same as the folder where your PDF files located with option Save in the same folder as source or set another foder in option Customize field as you want by clicking Browse… button. PDF to Excel converter provides two methods to convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets – Reserve table only is designed to extract tables from PDF to Excel with only tables preserved; Convert whole PDF is used to save all contents including tables and text in original PDF files to Excel spreadsheet, not just tables.

Step4. Convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets

After all setttings are done, you can click Convert button to convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets, few seconds later, all added PDF files are converted to Excel as you need. And you can edit the data in the excel spreadsheets now.

Is it easy? Of course,  just 4 steps, you can convert you PDF files into Excel spreadsheets in seconds.

If you want to convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Html, Text and Images, you can use this 6-in-1 PDF converter.

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