How to Add Header and Page Number in a Word Document

In order to well organize Word document content and basically introduce the main content of each chapter, we would like to add header and page number in a Word document. But some times, people may come cross a problem: the header and page number can not be inserted on the top of Word document at the same time, when adding header, the page number disappears and vice versa.

Actually, this question can be easily fixed with below steps:

Step1, open the Word document;

Step2, go to Insert Tab and find Header & Footer option. You can choose to insert header or page number, in this article, I would like to insert page number first, so I choose Page Number from the options and want to add the page number on Top of Page. Of course, you can add page number at the bottom of page and set other customization, like page margins and position.






Step3, edit page number in the opened Design tab. And you can also add header in the Header section, like below image,

Step4, click “Close ¬†Header and Footer” to quit after adding the header and page number.

It is really easy to add header and page number in Word document, isn’t it? Just within 4 steps, you can do this in seconds. And if you meet a situation to insert the header or page number, you can follow above steps.

If you have any advice on adding header and page number in a Word document, please leave your comments.

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