How to combine two PDF files

As PDF is so popular in people’s daily work and life, it is inevitably that you may need to combine two PDF files to one. When you download two parts of a PDF ebook and want to combine them together as a complete one, or just intend to merge some pages of two PDF files, you will have to find a way to combine two PDF files.

This article shows you how to combine two PDF files with 3 steps in seconds. But donnot forget to download a program which could help to do this first.

Step 1. Launch the program.

After installing the program in your compurter, click shortcut on desktop to launch it.

Step 2. Import the two PDF files need to combine.

Click “Add” button to import PDF files. If a PDF document you added is protected by user password (which means you cannot open it without entering a user password), the “Password” field shows “Need”, so, you have to click “Password” button to enter the user password for the next step.

Step 3. Combine two PDF files to one.

Press the “Merge” button to combine two PDF files to one. Wait for seconds, you will get a new wanted PDF file.

Tips: 1. You can adjust PDF sequence with button “Up” and “Down”, if you wrongly add a file, just “Remove” it, or even “Clear” all added PDF files. 2. The program allows you to choose “Merge Method” – Whole or Part. If you want to extract specific pages from PDF files and merge extracted PDF pages to one, you can choose Part Range; otherwise, the whole is a better choice. 3. The program provides a PDF splitter, so, you can split PDF to several PDFs with it.

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