How to convert Pages to Microsoft Word and vice versa

Recently, my friend meet a problem: She has an Apple computer and use iWork Pages to type in all contents. Now she need to send it to someone who are using a Windows computer in which only has Microsoft Word installed. How to convert Apple iWork Pages from Mac to Microsoft Word on Windows? Here are two ways for reference:

First, save the Pages document to Microsoft Word before sending

Actually, the Mac user can easily export the Apple Pages file to Microsoft Word compatible .doc document.

1. Open the Pages document, go to File, click Export from the menu list.









2. There are several output file formats and PDF is the default one, you can click and choose Word, then click Next.







3. Give a new to the Microsoft Word or just leave it as Pages document, click Export to export the Pages to Microsoft Word.

This is a way you can use to export the iWork Pages file to Microsoft Word before sending it to others. But if you are the receiver who does not have Apple iWork Pages, you need to use a converter to do this.

Second, convert iWork Pages to Microsoft Word using ZamZar

ZamZar is a universal document converter. It supports to import many file formats, such as iWork Pages, Keynote and  Numbers, even PDF files. And you can easily convert iWork Pages to Microsoft Word, Keynote to PowerPoint, Numbers to Excel with ZamZar:

1. Upload the Pages file to ZamZar, just click the Choose Files button.









2. Choose the output file format, you can select doc/docx from the Document Formats list.

3. Enter an email address to receive the converted Word document.

4. Click the Convert button to start to convert iWork Pages file to Microsoft Word document.

5. Go to your email address to download the converted Word document onto your computer and open it with Microsoft Office Word.

Sometimes, you may want to do vice versa – convert Microsoft Word to iWork Pages. This is as easy to convert Pages to Microsoft Word, but you can achieve this, using this way:

1.  Open the Word in TextEdit, go to Menu, click Format, then click Make Plain Text, choose Unicode UTF (.txt) in the Save list.

2. Copy and paste the .txt file into Pages or click Menu, go to Insert, click Choose, browse the saved .txt file and choose it to insert to Pages.


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