How to Convert PDF to Doc?

As we know, PDF format could be compatible on any computer with any operating system, so, people always use PDF for viewing and sharing documents, but it is not easy to edit. In our daily life or work, we inevitable have to edit PDF files sometimes. For exmaple, we find a lot of files with PDF format for work reference and need to quote some contents from them, or want to add text to a PDF. Maybe some PDF editor like Adobe Acorbat Pro or other could solve this kind of problem competently, but they are too expensive. In this case, we may find other preferable way – convert pdf to doc by using an affordable pdf to doc converter.

Why not convert PDF to Doc with free online programs? As they hardly meet our needs most of the time. They spends us a long time to wait, and converts only one PDF file at a time. Hence, we prefer a PDF to Doc converter with multiple functions and inexpensive. I use Simpo PDF to Word to finish pdf to doc conversion.

Here, I’d like to introduce how to convert pdf to doc with this program. Just follow the simple three steps, everyone could learn it soon. Don’t forget to download Simpo PDF to Word firstly. After installing, launch it by double-click the desktop icon.

Step 1. Import PDF files need to convert to doc

Click the Add PDF(s) button to browse and import PDF files.

Step 2. Set options to convert pdf to doc

1) If a user-password protected is selected, will be found before file name, after type correct password, file is unlocked as below. appears before file now.

2) This PDF to Doc converter supports to convert selected pages, click , a dialogue box pops up. Or “All Pages” to covert the whole pdf to doc.

3) Choose Format and Output path. Word format is the right choice if we want to convert pdf to doc.

Step 3. Start pdf to doc conversion.

Click  to start the pdf to doc conversion. Wait for several seconds, your pdf files are converted to doc.

After conversion, we could copy or edit the converted pdf in doc files now. If we rarely convert pdf to doc, we could try this for better, as it’s totally free. However, as more and more use of PDF files in our daily work and life, these free software could not meet our need any more. At this time, professional and affordable PDF to doc converter would be a preferable choice.

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