How to convert PDF files to JPG images

In the daily life and work, PDF has becomes the most common file format to sharing or exchanging information and archiving electronic documents. The most famous and important feature of PDF file is that the restrictions of no copying, no printing and no changing. However, there are always some cases you need to copy, print or change a PDF file, sometimes to convert PDF to JPG. For example, you receive numerous of PDF files and have to extract images from these PDFs, what will you do then? Copy every image from each PDF one by one? Not mention the images quality copied from PDF, it will exhaust all your energy when there are a lot of images in PDF documents.

Is there any easier way to extract images from PDF files? As a matter of fact, a PDF to JPG converter can do this easily. Just several clicks, import PDF files, convert PDF to JPEG, all you do is to wait for converted JPG images. Now that there is another way to convert PDF to JPG, why not try?

First, you need to click here to download the PDF to JPEG converter and install it in your computer. It is easy to use, just 3 steps, you can convert PDF to JPG in seconds.

Step 1. Run the PDF converter and add PDF files.

After installing it in your PC, you can run the PDF converter by double click the shortcut icon on your desktop.

Then, you can add PDF files by clicking Add PDF(s) button. By the way, this PDF Converter Ultimate allows importing up to 200 PDF files at a time and supports drag-and-drop function to save time.

Step 2. Select output format – JPG and output folder

As the default conversion type is PDF to Word, you need to choose to convert PDF to JPG by pitching up the Conversion type of PDF to Image, then you will see below dialog box, just select jpeg (or called JPG) in the Image Format field. At the bottom, there is Output Setting for you to seclet output folder to locate your converted JPG files. Just choose as your need!

Step 3. Convert PDF files to JPG images.

After setting is done, you can click Convert button to convert PDF to JPG format. Few seconds later, all added PDF files are converted to the JPG images as you want.

Tips: 1. If there is no images in a PDF file, PDF converter will leap over this PDF and directly jump to extract JPG from other PDF files. 2. You can not only convert PDF to JPEG, but also can convert PDF to BMP, PNG, GIF and TIFF anyway.

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