How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac and Edit

If you want to convert your PDF file to PowerPoint on Mac for editing, you can try these two ways in this article.

First way: it’s really easy. You can import PDF to PowerPoint on Mac with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader:

1. Open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2. Find Snapshot Tool in the Tools.

3. Copy PDF content with Snapshot Tool. Just drag the crosshairs to draw a box around area you want to copy, the snapshot tool automatically copies the selected area to the clipboard.

4. Paste the copied content into PowerPoint presentation

You actually can use this copy-and-paste way to Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac, but all the copied PDF contents are saved in image format as a whole, it’s not like the original PowerPoint file and you can’t edit any contents in the converted PowerPoint.

This is not what you want, you need to import PDF to PowerPoint on Mac OS X and edit PDF contents in the PowerPoint. Then you can try this way - import PDF to PowerPoint on Mac with a PDF to PowerPiont Converter for Mac, which is compatible with OS X Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard.

1. Download the PDF to PowerPoint Mac and install it in your Mac.

2. Add PDF files to the PDF to PowerPoint Mac’s interface. You can click the +PDF button to add the PDF files you want to convert to PowerPoint.

3. Click the Convert button to convert imported PDF files to PowerPoint.

Tips: For those encrypted PDF files, you should have the legal rights to convert them to PowerPoint slides, so, this Mac PDF to PowerPoint  converter will ask you to enter a password for protected PDF before converting PDF to PowerPoint.

After the conversion, you’ll find the PowerPoint file is exactly the same as the original one and now you can edit PDF in PowerPoint presentation as you need.

Comparing the two ways to import PDF to PowerPoint on Mac OS X, they have different advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF to PowerPoint Mac
PDF to PowerPoint
Good preservation
Allow editing PDF in PPT
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