How to convert Word to PDF

How to convert Word to PDF? People will say there are many PDF Creators can do this job.  Here I introduce two ways for all of you to convert Word to PDF: with an online conversion service – ZamZar; and a downloadable Word to PDF converter - Simpo PDF Creator Pro.

1. Use ZamZar

ZamZar is an online file converter. Besides convert Word to PDF, People can convert files from one kind of format to another format, or convert one format video to another. So, first upload your word document and choose PDF as output format, then type your mail address, then click convert.

The only drawback is after convert Word to PDF format, the link in word cannot work in PDF document.

2. Use Word to PDF Converter

It’s very easy and efficient to convert Word to PDF with Simpo PDF Creator Pro:

Step 1: Click to download the PDF creator and install it onto your computer.

Step 2: Click the Add files button to import Word documents you want to convert to PDF. If you want to merge many Word documents into one PDF, you can check the option Merge all files to one pdf file. Simpo PDF Creator Pro lets you merge multiple files into a single PDF.

Step 3: Click Convert button, then your word document is starting converting into PDF format. If you need, you can also set the path for the output file.

Tips: By using Simpo PDF Creator Pro, you can also convert Word to PDF with hyperlinks preserved and create bookmark in PDF from Word Document Map.

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