How to Convert Word to PowerPoint?

Why would people want to convert Word to PowerPoint? Well, maybe you only have a few minutes to dash off some topic headings and a few jot notes. By quickly writing these notes in a Word document, you have just created a presentation outline. Then, with a just a few clicks this outline will be converted to a PowerPoint presentation.

Before we start to send Word to PowerPoint, we need to bring up the Styles and Formatting task pane from Microsoft Office Word firstly as below steps:

click Format > Styles and Formatting. Now here’s how PowerPoint picks up the formatting from Word:

Text that are formatted with Heading 1 will be converted to Title text in PowerPoint.
Text that are formatted with Heading 2 will be converted to primary bullet.
Text that are formatted with Heading 3 will be converted to sub-bullet (2nd level bullet), Heading 4 will be converted to 3rd level bullet, so on and so forth.
Repeat the steps above to start on with the next slide.

After setting Word Styles and Formatting, you can convert Word to PowerPoint now. There are two ways to send Word outline to PowerPoint presentation.

As I am using Office 2007, so, this tutorial is for Office 2007 users. And Word 2007 doesn’t not allow you to convert Word to PowerPoint by default.

Here are two solutions:

A. after writing is done in Word 2007, save it as a Word document > open PowerPoint 2007 > click on the Office Button at the top left hand corner > click Open and select All Outlines under Files of type > select the Word document saved before and click Open.

send word to powerpoint

B. right click on the ribbon > select Customize Quick Access Toolbar > Choose More Commands and then All Commands > look for “Send to Microsoft Office PowerPoint” > click “Add” and then “OK.” > click the button now added to the QAT.

word to powerpoint

One thing to take note though. Text with unformatted style will not be sent to PowerPoint in this case. In addition, objects such as tables, diagrams, pictures, autoshapes and etc, cannot be sent to PowerPoint from Word document.

And if want to preserve tables and images from Word to PowerPoint, maybe you can follow this way.

Step 1, save the Word document to PDF format with a PDF creator;

Step 2, convert PDF to PowerPoint with a PDF to PowerPoint converter.

It’s a bit trouble, but efficient to convert Word to PowerPoint with better preservation anyway.

If you meet some cases to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a Word document with thumbnail, you could read this article: how to convert PowrePoint to Word.

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