How to Copy PDF to Word?

It is easy to copy PDF contents to Word for most cases, just select all in PDF and press Ctrl + C, then press Ctrl + V in the new created Word document, done! But for some situations, the copy-and-paste way does not work, for example, there are a lot of layouts, graphics and tables in the PDF file, and these PDF contents can  not be easily copied to Word, they are messed up. Or the PDF creator has set password to prevent copying. At this time, you may need wonder: how to copy text from PDF to Word then?

Actually, there are many PDF conversion tools that we can make use of, just directly convert the whole PDF file to a Word document.

1. Google Drive (Original Google Docs)

It is a free online word processor, which does not only create Documents, Presentation and Spreadsheet, but it also works as a PDF conversion tool to let you convert PDF files to Word. Just with a free Google account, you can upload the PDF files to Google Drive, and then download as Word, all the PDF contents will be saved well from PDF to Word. Of course, you can also make changes in the PDF with Google Drive.












2. Simpo PDF to Word

It is a downloadable PDF to Word converter, which supports to convert a batch of PDFs to Word, while preserving all contents like images, formatting, layouts, tables and graphics from PDF to Word. Of course, it also supports encrypted PDF files, but you need legal right to do this.









3. Adobe Acrobat Pro

This is really a powerful and professional PDF tool. It also allows you to convert PDF to Word with all original PDF contents preserved, but much more expensive than above PDF to Word converter.






It is much easier and more efficient to copy PDF to Word with the PDF converters, you don’t need to reformat the converted Word as it looks like exactly as original PDF.

Of course, you can choose one to convert PDF to Word according to your budget, the convenience and the frequency. If you occasionally convert several PDF files, you can use Google Drive; but you also have to connect to the internet.  If you often deal with lots of  PDF files,  Simpo PDF to Word is enough for you. If you need more professional procession for PDF files, like add text to PDF or edit PDF, you need Adobe Acrobat then.

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