How to Create A PDF with Adobe PDF Creator

As we know, Adobe PDF(Portable Document Format) is a universal file format that preserves all fonts, formatting, images and color of a source document. Adobe PDF files are compact and can be viewed, exchanged, printed and shared by anyone with a free Aodbe PDF reader while the document integrity is retained. Therefore, people would like to use PDF for reading, sharing and storing digital documents. However, many people don’t know how to create a PDF with Adobe PDF creator.

Here, I’d like to share my experience to use Simpo PDF Creator Pro to create Adobe PDF.

1) It can create a PDF from Office(Offie 2010 is supported), Images, any printable Windows application, not only maitains the entire document integrity, such as text and formatting, tables and images, but also keeps hyperlink in PDF active and create bookmark PDF in from Word Document Map.

2) The most amazing and useful feature is that, it could merge all imported different files into a single PDF. So, I always use this Adobe PDF creator to convert my pictures to PDF e-book.

3) Create a PDF in three methods – right-click, virtual printer, user interface.

Before to use this application, you need to download and install it.

Method 1. Right-click is the fastest way to create a PDF.

Just select a file, right click the mouse, choose “Create PDF with Simpo PDF Creator Pro” from the list, the interface will pop up and PDF is being created in seconds.

Method 2. Create a PDF by printing.

Simpo PDF Creator can work as a virtual printer, so, it will print your printable file to PDF. Just open the file you want to convert to PDF, click “File“, click “Print“.

Choose “Simpo PDF Creator Pro“, click “OK“.

A dialogue box pops up, click “Save PDF“. Your PDF will be generated in a flash.

The two ways above is quicker and easier to create Adobe PDF when you only need to create a PDF file, but if you want to create Adobe PDF in batch, they’re time-wasting. Don’t worry, the Adobe PDF creator supports batch creating.

Tips: If you are in need to merge all generated PDF files into one, the function of “Merge all files to one pdf file” helps a lot to combine multiple files into one PDF.

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