How to Create PDF Documents and Preserve Hyperlink

Many people know how to create a PDF document from Office file like Excel, Word and PowerPoint, just download a PDF creator for help. But this is not enough, how about the hyperlink in Word? Some one need to retain hyperlink in Word to be active after converting to a PDF. At this time, you could ask for help from Simpo PDF Creator Pro. And this software is not only a solution for hyperlink in Word, but also an excellent tool to preserve hyperlink in original PowerPoint.

Now, you know that Simpo PDF Creator Pro could reserve hyperlink from Word and PowerPoint. But how to create professional PDF with hyperlink retained? I will show you the way, just follow the steps below, you can know this way quickly.

Step 1. Download and run Simpo PDF Creator Pro.

Download Simpo PDF Creator and install it, double click the icon  to start the program.

Step 2. Import files.

Click the Add files button, browse the files and select the Word or PPT files you want to generate to PDF format.

You could remove some files you don’t want to convert by “Remove” button.
Tips: Simpo PDF Creator Pro allows you to combine multiple files into one PDF, no matter with same or different types, just set options of ” Merge all files to one pdf file”, you could access to how to use PDF Creator Pro for more information.

Step 3. Create PDF with hyperlink.

Check the option Reserve Word hyperlinks in PDF file, click OK, then click Convert button, this PDF Creator will make PDF documents in sequence for imported files if you don’t set options to merge.

Wait for a few seconds, you could view PDFs according to destination path, which you can reset if you need. And you could click Cancel button if you want to stop the process of converting.

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