How to delete a page from PDF file

In the daily life and work, we work with numerous PDF files. Sometimes, we only need several specific pages from a large PDF, in this case, you may wonder how to delete a page from PDF file? Here, I want to introduce you an economical PDF split software – Simpo PDF Merge & Split which not only supports to delete PDF pages easily and efficiently, but it also allows you to combine many PDF files into a single PDF. And I am willing to share with you this tutorial how I delete a page from PDF file.

But first of all, you need to download this PDF split software and install it following the installation guide step by step.

Step1. Launch the PDF split software and add PDF file

Double click the shortcut icon on your desktop to run the PDF split software. Click browse button in the File name field to import a PDF file.

Step2. Choose correct method to delete a page from PDF file

There are three ways to split a PDF file. You can choose the right way as need.

1) Split a PDF to multiple PDFs by every “N” page. For example, if your PDF is with 23 pages, the “N” is 4, the PDF will be splitted to 5 PDFs with 4 pages, and another PDF with latest 3 pages;

2) Extract pages. This function is used to extract any specific PDF pages you need to a new one;

3) Remove pages. This is exactly we need to delete a page from PDF file. Just type the page number of the page you want to delete in the blank field.

Step3. Rename new PDF and set output folder

Due to the multiple PDFs splitted, you can rename the new PDFs for convenient use. Also, setting the output folder is allowed to your custom.

Step4. Advanced setting and delete PDF pages

Click Advanced Setting button to encrypt and set password for splitted PDFs. And then, click Split to delete PDF pages. Two or three seconds later, the page you selected is deleted from PDF quickly.

Just 4 steps, you can easily delete a page from PDF and retain the useful pages, and if you want to delete more pages from PDF, just type the page number of them same as step2 method3.

Tips: Simpo PDF Merge & Split is combined with a PDF merger and PDF splitter, so, it could not only delete a page from PDF, but also support to merge many PDF files into one. If you occasional have to combine two PDF files into a single one, it’s a better choice to get this application to save money.

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