How to Edit Scanned PDF in Google Drive

Google Drive, Which was called Google Docs,  is an online Word processing program. It not just lets you create Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations just like Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint, it also works as a PDF converter to convert your native and scanned PDF file to editable Word, Text and other file formats. As the new version of Google Drive’s release, it now supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to allow you edit scanned PDF and image.

If you have signed up a free Google account, just log in to use the free online service – Google Drive. Or you can find Drive in the top product list and then log in to edit scanned PDF.

Part 1. Edit a scanned PDF or image with Google Drive

1. Click the upload button > choose Files to select a PDF files for uploading or Folder to upload a file folder including those PDF files you want to edit.






2. Then you will see below dialog box, remember to select the checkbox of Convert text form PDF and image files to Google documents, it is a necessary option to make a PDF editable.






3. Google Drive will transfer the scanned PDF/ image to Google documents and now you can open it for editing.






4. Select the content you want to edit, generally, the selected content will look as a whole as it is a scanned PDF or image, click Edit > Cut, then the scanned contents will look like normal searchable and editable text and now you can edit or upldate information in Google Drive.

5. After editing the scanned PDF, you can download it as a searchable PDF.

Part 2. Use Google Drive as a PDF converter

Google drive not just lets you edit scanned PDF and image, but it also works as a PDF converter to help convert PDF files to other file formats like Word, Text and Html, etc.

1. Open the file as Google documents.

2. Click File > go to Download as > choose a file format from the list.












As a PDF converter, it is really simple, but can meet the basic need to convert PDF to Word. And if you want to convert your PDF presentation to PowerPoint or export PDF table forms to Excel, you may try another professional PDF converter – Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate.

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