How to Insert Image into PDF?

How to insert image into PDF? You can use these two applicatins – PDF Splitter and PDF Creator Pro to achieve this. And below introduces some typical cases, maybe you have met one of them and seeking to find a good way to insert image into PDF in front or behind or in middle.

1. Insert an Image into PDF front or behind

If you are making a PDF ebook and want to add an image into PDF as the cover page, or you want to append an image into PDF as back over, you can just use PDF Creator Pro for help, as this tool supports to convert images to PDF and combine all the created PDF files into one.

Step1. Click Add Files to import the files.

inert image into pdf

Step2. You can Move Up and Move Down to adjust the position in PDF, as front or behind, just click button.

Step3. Pitch up the option Merge all files to one pdf file and click Convert button to complete the process to insert an image into PDF.


2. Insert an image into PDF in the middle.

When you meet the case need to insert an image into PDF files in the middle, you can try this way. And two PDF tools are needed in this case – PDF splitter and PDF Creator Pro.

First, split the PDF into different PDF files, click to learn more details of how to split a PDF.

Second, add the image and all splitted PDF files into the PDF Creator Pro interface, you can adjust the image position same as step 2 above.

Third, insert an image into PDF. Just same as step 3 above.

3. Insert multiple images into PDF.

Maybe you will have to insert multiple images into PDF files, if you only want to insert them into PDF as front page or you can just use the way as Insert an image into PDF front or behind; otherwise, you can try the second way.

Tips: If you want to insert multiple images into PDF file of different position, just choose the image, click move up and move down button to adjust.

With PDF Creator Pro and PDF Splitter, you can insert image into PDF completely and efficiently.

It is a bit trouble using this way to insert image into PDF, but saves money to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro to do this.

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