How to Print Out One Page from a File?

In our daily life and work, it is common to print out a file to hard copy. So, many people may meet this situation: How to print out one page from a file? As you only need a specific page from a large multi-pages Word, PowerPoint or PDF document.

In this article, I will tell you some tips to extract one page from a file and print it out.

First, open the file you want to print, let’s take a PDF file for example.

Second, go to File and select Print to open the print options box.










Third, choose the page to be printed. You have two ways to choose the page: one is to go to that page and then check up Current page in the Print Range field; the other is to specify that page you need to print out in the Pages option, just enter the page number of that page.

Fourth, click OK to proceed to print out one page from a file.

Just in four simple steps, you can do this in seconds. Another tips: You have to choose the correct Printer in the Printer Name field;  those printer showed on the above picture is not real printers, only some PDF tools to print files to PDF format on the computer, not print out a file from computer to real paper.

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