How to print out PDF files

Sometimes, you may want to print the PDF files out for a conference or just for hand written. But some PDF files are not allowed printing out, what happened  to them and how to print out those PDFs with another tool? You can find the answer in this article.

First: check the PDF’s properties

You can read PDF security properties to check if the PDF file is printable or not:  Open a PDF file -> go to Document on Menu Bar -> choose Security -> click Show Security Properties.

then you will see the detail security information of this PDF file as below:

print pdf

You will find that this PDF file is not only disallowed printing, but also disallowed copying and page extraction. It means that you can not directly print the PDF out, but you can use below way to remove restrictions from PDF and make it printable.

Second: make the PDF printable

1. Click Add PDF(s) to import the PDF files to the PDF restrictions remover‘s interface.

2. Click the Begin button to remove the PDF restrictions and make it printable. Then you can open the PDF files and check their properties and you will see that it is allowed printing now.

print pdf

Of course, you need the legal right to remove the PDF’s restrictions.

And there is another way to make the PDF file editable, you can convert it to other file formats for printing. For example, you can use Simpo PDF to Word, which support to convert restricted PDF to editable Word, to convert your PDF files to printable and editable Word, then print the converted Word out as normal.

This is the way I print PDF files, how about you? If you have some good experiences to share with us, please follow us on Facebook to voice out your opinions.

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