How to Save PDF Files as Microsoft Word?

PDF is a popular file format used widely in people’s study and work. However, you will find it is really bothered in below cases: you have some confidential PDF files like contracts need to do a little changes; you really like many sentences in a PDF book and want to quote the content in your blog. As PDF is not easy to edit or copy if the former users have set password, fortunately, there is an alternative – save PDF as Word.

There are many PDF converters in the market, free online or paid download. Comparing with others in quality and price, I choose Simpo PDF to Word as an example. Many online PDF converters convert only one PDF file at a time, and it takes time to wait for converted Word documents; most download PDF converters only convert PDF to Word, but Simpo PDF to Word converter supports another output – PDF to Text, so, you can get two converters while paying for one software.

Below are the steps to use Simpo PDF to Word converter to save PDF to Word, you can easily do this by following the steps.

Step 1. Download and launch PDF to Word converter.

Download PDF to Word converter here. After installing it, just click shortcut icon on your desktop to start it.

Step 2. Add PDF files need to save as Word.

You can add PDF files by button “Add PDF(s)”, or just import batch of PDF files by drag-and-drop function, this application allows you to import up to 200 PDF files at a time. You can “Remove” any added PDF files you donot want to save as Word.

There is a “Clear” function hiding can clear all added PDF files. To make it active, you just need right clicking the mouse, you will see a box as below, pitch “Clear” to delete all added PDF files.

Step 3. Choose format and output folder.

As this application supports two outputs, so, you can choose as your need, the default is Word format; in additional, you can select a new folder to locate your converted Word files.

Step 4. Save PDF as Word.

Just click Convert button, and wait for seconds, all your PDF files will save as Word documents.

Now, you can edit PDF contents in Word now. After editing, you may want to save Word as PDF.

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