How to save scanned PDF to JPG images?

In our daily life and work, we always meet some situations need to convert PDF to JPG. For example, you have scanned the text files into computer and want to save them as jpg format, but find all scanned documents are just saved in PDF. At this time, you have to convert scanned PDF to JPG without other solution. As to save scanned PDF to JPG, there are some PDF tools we can make use of, below list some methods to save PDF to JPG.

Method 1. Capture the screen of scanned PDF to JPG

This way to save PDF to JPG is free and really easy.

1, open the scanned PDF;

2, press Alt and Print Screen button at the same time;

3, click Start button and go to Accessories, then choose Paint and paste the captured screen to the interface with “Ctrl+V” button;

4, click “File” and go to “Save as”, in the “Save type”, you can choose JPEG, or any other image types like BMP, GIF, TIF/TIFF and PNG.

Method 2. Save PDF to JPG online

ZamZar provides free online PDF file converting service and you can use it as a PDF to JPG converter. You need to sign up a free account first before converting PDF to JPG and there is a limit size of your PDF files, if exceeding the limit, you have to pay for more size to use it.

Method 3. Convert scanned PDF to JPG offline

If you trust in online service and want to give some desktop PDF to JPG converter a try, just go to to download and install it in your computer. It’s said this 6-IN-1 PDF converter supports to convert scanned PDF to JPG. Do remember to check up the box before PDF to Image in Conversion type and option field.

Step1, add the scanned PDF files to the interface

Step2, pitch up PDF to Image and choose to PDF to JPEG

Step3, click the Convert button to convert scanned PDF to JPG

Now you can make your decision to choose a suitable way to save PDF to JPG, and this table is a simple comparison between above three methods to convert scanned PDF to JPG. In case that you can’t connect to internet, the Capture Screen will be the only way to save PDF to JPG, but this seldom happens anyway.

Compare List
Capture Screen
PDF Converter
Free for limit storage
Save PDF to JPG
Batch conversion from PDF to JPG
PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, Text, HTML
Need to connect to Internet
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