How to Set Password to Protect PDF Files with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe PDF are one of the most popular file formats, according to Google, there are 667 million PDF files created and used in the worldwide. For sharing information and exchange documents, PDF is absolutely the most appropriate file format, its high compatibility, and strong encryption, make it more and more used in many fields. But there is a problem, you do not want other people to copy or change the PDF contents. So you want to set password to protect your PDF files.

If you have installed Adobe Acrobat Pro/Stand (not Adobe Reader version), you can follow below steps:

Step1, click Secure and open the drag-down list. Then choose Password Encrypt to open the password setting box.





Step2, set password to protect PDF files. There are two types of PDF password – Open Password: to prevent other people from opening your PDF documents. This is only used for those very confidential cases that you don’t want anybody else know the PDF content or some PDF ebooks sold on the internet; Permissions: usually called Owner Password. If you do not want others make any changes but only printing allowed, you can set PDF password as below: Print Allowed – High Resolution; Changes Allowed -None.

But if you have created a PDF form, like a job application which every candidate needs to fill in personal information, you can set the Changes Allowed to let others Filling in form fields and signing existing signature fields.




Of course, other settings are allowed as your specific need, as Adobe Acrobat are a professional PDF tool. But there is a drawback for this application, it’s too expensive, costs hundreds of dollars, not affordable for most of us. If you have not enough budget, you may try this PDF creator, which allows you to set password while creating PDF from other printable files, but much cheaper than Adobe Acrobat Pro.


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