How to sync or delete PDF files to iPad, iPhone, iPod with iTunes

As we all know, not only mail, games and kinds of app programs, the Apple’s mobile devices – iPad, iPhone and iPod,  also can display your own PDF files. What you need to do is just to sync the PDF files to with iTunes from your PC to these mobile devices, and open the PDF with iBooks.

And it is really easy to sync PDFs to iPad, iPhone and iPod, just in several steps. Of course, you can easily delete the PDF from iPad, iPhone, iPod if you want to free up the very precious space on your device.

Make sure you have installed the iBooks app to sync the PDFs to iPad/iPhone/iPod, or delete PDF from iPad/iPhone/iPod.

Part I: Sync PDFs from PC/Mac to iPad, iPhone and iPod

1. Open the iTunes, click File, then click Add File to Library.







2. Select the PDF you want to transfer to iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. You can choose several PDFs, or an entire file foder. Then click Choose button.

3. Click Books in iTunes Library. You can find the selected PDF file now listed in the iTunes Library.







4. Connect iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to your PC or Mac, click Devices, you will find all your device information are listed: Summary, Info, Apps, Music and Books etc. Go to Books and click it. Check the Sync Books option. If you want to sync all the PDFs you’ve added to iTunes, select All Books and then click the Sync button. But if you want to only sync specific PDFs, choose Selected Books and then place a check next to each of the books you want to sync.




5. Open the iBooks, click PDFs button to view the PDFs on your iPad/iPhone/iPod.


Part II: Delete PDFs from iPad/iPhone/iPod

1. Click iBooks to open it from home screen of iPad/iPhone/iPod.





2. Switch to Collections and click PDFs to delete PDF files from iPad/iPhone/iPod, then click Done. Of course, you can also delete non-PDF books to release the device’s space.





3. Click Edit button to open the PDF files list, now you can just select any PDF files you want to delete, just click on the file, and you will see a checkmark showed and the selected PDF files become gray.

4. Click the Delete button to delete selected PDFs from iPad/iPhone/iPod.

You don’t purchase other apps, just with two free apps from Apple, you can easily transfer PDFs to iPad/iPhone/iPod, or delete the useless PDF files.

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