How to Transfer PDF to Word?

PDF is popular and used world widely in people’s work and daily life, but you will be frustrated when you meet below scenarios: you cannot edit or type a word in the read-only PDF file, or extract several images from restricted PDF documents, even cannot copy some text from an uneditable PDF. Maybe PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat could allow you to do this, but it costs you hundreds of dollars, too expensive for most people. Don’t worry, you can choose another alternative way- transfer PDF to Word. And Word documents are much easier to copy, print and edit than Adobe Acrobat.

Following the steps to transfer PDF to Word, you can transfer PDF to Word doc with high conversion speed and excellent output quality.

Step 1. Download and launch PDF converter.

You can click here to download PDF converter. And launch it by double click the shortcut icon on the desktop.

Step 2. Import PDF files need to transfer to Word.

You can import PDF files by clicking Add PDF button, or use drag-and-drop function to add a batch of PDF files to the interface. If you add a wrong PDF file, you can delete it by Remove button.

Step 3. Set option and choose Format.

Simpo PDF to Word is an application allows you to transfer PDF into Word in two methods – Whole and Part. If you choose Whole, all the pages in PDF files will be transferred to Word format; otherwise, you can transfer PDF into Word with selected specific pages. And you transfer PDF to Text format if you need

Step 4. Transfer PDF to Word Doc.

Click Convert to transfer PDF to Word doc. And wait for seconds, your PDF files are transferred to editable Word documents, now, you can edit PDF contents in converted Word.

Tips: If the PDF you add is protected by user password, you will find , you need to unlock it firstly with entering user password, and it will be unlocked showing icon .

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