Import, Export and Remove Pages from PDF File

Have you met following cases before?

A. Import pages into PDF. There is a PDF file that you want to exchange page sequence and rearrange contents in it; or you have several PDF files at hand, and want to import several specific pages of some PDF files into another.

B. Export pages from PDF. There are some useful pages in a PDF and you want to extract specific PDF pages and save them to a totally new PDF file.

C. Remove pages from PDF. It’s opposite to export pages from PDF, if there are many PDF pages are important and only several are useless, then you may want an easy way to remove pages from PDF file.

And so on….

What will you do if you come across the above cases? Many people are bothered with these kinds of little problem but can’t find any good solution to manage PDF files efficiently. Maybe Adobe Acrobat is an excellent PDF tool to make and manage PDF files, but it takes too much for personal use.

Actually, you don’t need to pay for a so expensive, there is another much cheaper alternative - PDF Merge & Split, with which you can easily import pages into PDF, export pages from PDF and remove pages from PDF. Below are the simple tutorials that you can follow to import, export and remove pages from PDF file.

First of all, you need to download PDF merge & split, install it in your PC and launch it.

delete pdf pages

Case A, import pages into PDF

If you want to exchange PDF pages sequence, you need to split the PDF first and combine all these PDF files into one again.

Step 1, add a PDF file.

Step 2, select the splitting method. You need to choose “by every page” in this situation, as you need to split the PDF firstly into many PDF files with single page, then it’s much easier to recombine them in right sequence in the new PDF file.

Step 3, combine all PDF files into one. After splitting, all PDF files will be put in the same folder, and now you can add them in order and combine them to a new PDF as you want.

If you need to insert specific pages of some PDF files into another, you can do the same way as above to import pages into PDF, just split all pdf files and recombine them together with “Merge PDF” function.

Case B, export pages from PDF

In this case, you don’t need to combine splitted PDF files into one, and it’s much easier than to import pages into PDF.

Step 1, add the PDF file.

Step 2, export pages from PDF. In the “Select Split Method” field, you need to choose the second method - Extract Pages, that means you can export useful pages of a PDF file to be a new PDF.

Case C, remove pages from PDF

Just same as delete a page from PDF, you can remove many pages from PDF file if there are really a lot of PDF pages that you don’t need. It’s as easy as to export pages from PDF.

Step 1, add PDF file.

Step 2, remove pages from PDF. What you need to do is just to choose to Remove pages in “Select Split Method” field.

From above simple steps, we know that it’s really easy to import pages into PDF, export pages from PDF and remove pages from PDF and it’s not difficult to manage PDF files with PDF Merge & Split software, which is combined a PDF splitter and a PDF merger and much more efficient than other software.

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