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For Windows Office 2010 users, it’s much easier to convert PDF to Word 2010, as there are many PDF to Word converters for Windows. But for Mac, it’s a bit difficult, because there is no Mac PDF converter as many as Windows PDF to Word converter.

Where there is demand, there will be some one-to-one solution to meet the need. To convert PDF to Word 2011 on Mac OS X, you will find a Mac PDF converter if you have searched keywords “Mac PDF to Word converter”, even few are listed. After I tried this Mac PDF converter, a thought flashed through my mind: that’s it. Yes, it satisfies me with good conversion quality, images and tables are exactly preserved from PDF to Word 2011.

Getting to the point, I want to share my experience to use it to convert PDF files to Word 2011 on Mac. Follow me if you are in need to convert PDF to Word 2011.

Step 1, download and install the Mac PDF converter

Click to download the Mac PDF converter and install it.

Step 2, start Mac PDF converter and add PDF files

After starting the Mac PDF converter by double-click, you have two choices to add PDF files: a, click the “+PDF” button to add PDF files. If you want to import a batch of PDF files, you can press the “Ctrl” button on the keyboard for help, or use method b; b, drag and drop a batch of PDF files to the interface with mouse. The second way is a good time-and-labor-saving option.

pdf to word for mac import pdfs

Step 3, convert PDF to Word 2011

All PDF files are imported to Mac PDF converter, now just press the “Convert” button on the top to start, all added PDFs will be converted to Word 2011 in seconds.

Tips: this Mac PDF converter also supports to convert PDF to Text on Mac OS X, you can just check up the box before “Text” when you only need to extract plain text from PDF to Text.

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