PDF Creator to Create PDF from Printable Files

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, which becomes a much more popular and useful file format in people’s daily life. Why people choose PDF format? As PDF format is easy for reading. An E-book produced in PDF format is exactly same as paper books, you could read E-book page by page with the function of bookmark; and PDF format files allow you to adjust the page size to your personalized view. So, more and more people choose PDF to save their documents. But how to make PDF from other file formats like Word, Excel, PPT and even HTML?

A tool named PDF Creator helps a lot to produce PDF from other forms.

All PDF creators are with a general feature – maintaining all contents from original file when converting to PDF, these contents include text font and style, table, graph, pictures and images placement, superscript and subscript, underline text, document layout and so on. But this is not enough. As many people need to retain useful hyper links and even the bookmark from original files. At this time, you may require a professional PDF generator, Simpo PDF Creator Pro, which not only save the contents, but also completely keep hyperlink and bookmark active in the generated PDF documents from both Word and PowerPoint.

Some PDF creators only support to create PDF from Microsoft Office files, or called Office to PDF converters. But many people may meet below problem, when you are surfing on Internet, you occasionally find a beautiful or useful website, and want to save it in your computer for frequent view and use. How? Copy and paste these pages to a Word file? No, because type-setting of the whole page is disordered in Word; Yes, you can convert it to PDF, a PDF will display a website absolutely same as its view in browsers. And another case, there are some pictures you took before, and you want to merge them together as an e-book, which application you will choose to do this? After all, what’s you need is a good PDF producer with multifunctions, not just Office to PDF converters.

After creating a PDF document, you may don’t want to other people copy, edit or print your PDF, how to protect the output PDF files from copying, editing even printing? Not every PDF maker supports function of setting owner and user password to protect generated PDF documents, but PDF Creator Pro could help you to achieve this point easily. Just set options of security in the interface.

The interface of PDF Creator Pro

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