Some useful method to convert PDF to Word

PDF (portable document format) is the special format created by Adobe Company. It’s very suitable to translate and use in the internet as it’s convenient to read and the size is very small. But it’s very difficult to edit it, because the decoding format of PDF is different from Microsoft Word. So now I will introduce some method for you to convert PDF to Word.

 Using the built-in tool of MS office 2003

First open your PDF file using Adobe Reader, select menu  ”file—print”, set “name” in the  ”printer” column as “Microsoft office image writer”, then set the format of output PDF file as MDI. If you cant find “Microsoft office image writer” item in the “name” in the drop-down list, which means you have not installed that component, please install!

Run “Microsoft office image writer” and use it to open the file which you just saved as MDI. Choose “Tool—send it to word” in the menu, then select “keep the same layout’ in the Pop-up dialog box, then done! But it will take some time, please be patient.


The recognition rate for converting PDF to word is not high by using Microsoft office image writer. It’s not perfect as after conversion, the original layout cannot be kept, you should do it by yourself.

Using PDF to Word Software

Here, I would like to share Simpo PDF to word with all of you. It is an application for converting portable document format (PDF) to Word document on Microsoft windows operating system. Once you installed, you can start to convert you PDF document to Word Format. The interface is simple and it’s easy to use, and converting time is also very short, and the most important is it also contains the above one method’s function, so for normal purpose is a good choice, for business it’s a perfect supporter.

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