Top Five Ways to Save Word as PDF!

How to save Word as PDF becomes a problem? To solve this problem, we find 5 most efficient ways to save Word as PDF and list them as below. You can find the advantages and disadvantages of each free, online and desktop save Word as PDF application.

1. Save as PDF Add-in

Microsoft Add-in: To allow Office users to save their word files as PDF format, Microsoft developed a “Save as PDF” Add-in for Office 2007 or latter. So, if you are using Microsoft Office 2007 or latter, you can download and install the Add-in, then, you can save Word as PDF. It’s said that Office 2010 supports to save Word 2010 as PDF directly, no need the Add-in.

Features: Free, one Word to PDF at a time.

Support Office version: Office 2007, 2010, 2013.

 2. Convertword2pdf

Convertword2pdf is an online Word to PDF converter, so, you can just upload the Word files, click “Convert and Download” button, the uploaded Word file will be saved as PDF format in minutes.

Features: Free, but convert one Word document to PDF at a time.

Support Office version: all Office versions


3. PDF Creator Lite

PDF Creator Lite is a freeware designed to not only save Word as PDF, but also save Office as PDF. It works as a virtual PDF printer, so, you can also save other printable files like images as PDF format.

Features: Free, Office to PDF, images to PDF; one Word to PDF at a time.

Support Office version: all Office versions.

4. PDF Creator Pro

PDF Creator Pro is a professional PDF creator which can batch create PDF from most printable windows files. It also supports to combine multiple files into one PDF. The most attractive point to save Word as PDF is that it will preserve hyperlinks active and auto generate PDF bookmark.

Features: not free, costs $29.95; batch saves Word as PDF with hyperlinks and generate PDF bookmark; combine many Word documents into one PDF.

Support Office version: all Office versions.

5. NitroPDF Pro

NitroPDF Pro is a full featured PDF software like Adobe Acrobat, works as a PDF maker, editor and workflow manager. It is the most powerful PDF creator in the five tools to save Word as PDF.

Features: not free, $199,  multi-function, convert files to PDF and vice versa, edit PDF

Support Office version: all Office versions.

All five ways have advantages and disadvantages, more functions the Word to PDF converter provides, you need to pay more for it. OK, it is equitable. But you can choose one as your specific need.

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