Two Simple Ways to Insert PDF into PowerPoint 2007

Sometimes, you may want to insert a PDF file to PowerPoint 2007 presentation to better demonstrate your ideas and thinking.  So I would like to share my experience to  insert PDF to PowerPoint 2007.

Way 1. With Adobe Reader and PowerPoint 2007

Step 1. Put the mouse in the position where you want to insert a PDF file, go to Menu Bar and click Insert. Pick up Object to select the PDF for inserting.

Step 2. A dialog box pops up for you to choose the object format. Adobe Acrobat Document is in the first class in Object type, click OK to browse the PDF.

The PDF file is inserted to PowerPoint 2007 as below.

This is really simple when the PDF file has a singlepage, but for a multi-pages PDF file, PowerPoint only shows the first page, how about other pages in the PDF file?

Step 3. Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader to import additional pages. Select the Snapshot Tool from the toolbar, or click on Tools on the menu bar and select Basic Menu followed by Snapshot Tool.

Step 4. Draw the box to the whole page to copy the snapshot to clipboard. In PowerPoint 2007, paste the copied snapshot to the location where you want to insert PDF into PowerPoint.

Repeat step 3 and step 4 to import whole multi-page PDF to PowerPoint 2007.

It must be a hard job to insert PDF into PowerPoint 2007 one by one using this way if the PDF has 100+ pages. So, is there any easier way to allow us to effortlessly insert PDF to PowerPoint?

2. Insert PDF to PowerPoint 2007 with a PDF to PowerPoint converter

Simpo PDF to PowerPoint converter is used to convert each PDF page to every PowerPoint slide so that you can insert the whole PDF to PowerPoint presentation in seconds. Within 3 steps, you can easily insert PDF to PowerPoint 2007.

First, download and run the PDF to PowerPoint converter. Click to download a PDF to PowerPoint converter for handy use and install it in your PC.

Second, import PDF and convert PDF to PowerPoint.

Third, insert the converted PowerPoint anywhere as you want.


Different solutions are for different situations. If you only need to insert single-page or few multi-pages PDF to PowerPoint 2007, the first way is helpful enough to import PDF to PowerPoint; otherwise, the second way would be a good choice to insert PDF into PowerPoint 2007.

If you have any other solutions to insert a PDF file into PowerPoint, please tell me in the comments.

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