Two Ways to Edit A PDF – with Adobe Acrobat and Edit PDF in Word

In many situations, we need to edit a PDF file, but we don’t know how to do this efficiently. With a PDF editor, like Adobe Acrobat that is expensive for us? Or use another alternative cheaper way to edit PDF in Word? In this article, I will tell you how to edit PDF with Adobe Acrobat or edit  PDF in Word; you may make your decision after comparing these two ways.

First way: Edit PDF in Adobe Acrobat

1. Open the PDF file

2. Click View tab, and then click Toolbars, choose Advanced Editing







3. Find the Text editing tool in the toolbar list, it is penultimate.


4. Select the field you want to make changes and edit the text.

Second Way: Edit PDF in Word

1. Download and install a PDF to Word converter. You can try this one - Simpo PDF to Word.

2. Convert the PDF files to editable Word. Click Add PDF(s) button to import the PDF files  and then click Convert button to convert them to editable Word documents.









3. Edit PDF in Word. Now you can make changes in the converted Word documents, add or delete text, images, just edit the PDF in Word as you need.

4. Convert Word back to PDF. After making changes in the Word, you can convert Word back to PDF, and there are many free ways to save Word as PDF.

It is a bit trouble to edit PDF in Word, but this way is much cheaper than editing a  PDF with Adobe Acrobat. And below are the comparisons of these two ways:

A. Price. Generally, Adobe Acrobat costs at least $199 for students or teacher version; but a PDF to Word converter is $29.95 at most, it is much cheaper.

B. Convenience. It is a bit zigzag to edit PDF in Word, you have to convert the PDF to Word, make changes in Word and convert Word back to PDF; but Adobe Acrobat will let you edit PDF directly, so you can make changes to the PDF and just save it, it is more convenient.

C. Quality. Sometimes, especially for some complicated PDF files, it is not easy to convert accurately, even the technology for converting PDF improves a lot nowadays; Adobe Acrobat allows you directly edit or make changes in the original PDF file, no formatting or layout loss in conversion.

So, if you have enough budget and often need to edit PDF files professionally, you can purchase the full version of Adobe Acrobat to edit PDF text; otherwise, you may install a PDF to Word converter to do this.

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