2013 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Prepare A Special Gift to Dear Mom

There are few days left for the coming 2013 Mother’s Day, are you looking for a gift for dear mom? Maybe you  can read below gift ideas before making a decision.

There are many traditional presents for dear mothers:

1. Carnations. Order a bunch of carnations to express your love to dear mom.







2. Perfumes. Perfumes are a favorite of many moms. Take a little pain and present a unique and special perfume on Mom Day 2013. The fragrance of that perfume will remain with her forever.






3. Personalized candles. Tell Mom it’s finally her turn to relax and enjoy some quiet time – and make it extra special for her with our scented candles featuring your personalized sentiment she’ll adore.






4. Jewelry. A unique & graceful way to fete a birthday, each month’s necklace shows individuality with a different dried, pressed flowers showcased in a resin pendant






If you want to give mother some “green gift”, here are tips:

5. A greeting e-card. You can find some templates on the internet or just design your own special e-card to mom, with the pictures of happy time spent with mom.





6. PDF slideshow. Collect photos of your mother’s, from her childhood, teenage, the time she have you, to now, and then use a PDF creator to combine all these pictures orderly into  a PDF slideshow.

Or if you want to spend happy time with mom, you can do these things with her:

7.  Watch a movie. Just find a funny movie and watch with mom at home or going movie theatre.




8. Plan a short trip. Just go to somewhere for a short trip with mom for the weekend if you have time and budget.




Actually, there are many other ways to express your love to mom, but do remember all the hard work mom has done to raise us up and say love to mom.


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