A new revolution of Microsoft – Windows 7

Recently, Windows 7 has been everybody’s hot topic, capturing everyone’s focus. Finally, it will formally show up on 22nd, October. Now, you can start to order it. But can it really be a revolution to instead of Vista and defeat XP?

“Windows 7 could be the best one which Microsoft had developed.” said from an expert. Comparing to Vista, some problems as to incompatibility of most hardware and software will never happen to Windows 7. What’s more, it designs personalized desktop, you can set your background in many ways not only using image.

Based on Vistas, it improves the function of those small tools in the desktop; you can drag them anywhere as you want. And it also gives you a super toolbar; you can check and find your history record easily and quickly. In the system restore, it provides one more choice – “Scan for affected program” which can predict which application will get affected after scan. In respect of anti-virus, Windows 7 provides PC Safeguard to make your computer safer. In all, Windows 7 does offer a simpler and more convenient life for us in any respect.

Most people indulged in the fabulous effect of Apple Mac OS, but many criticisms indicate Windows 7 will be a strong competitor of Mac, even some experts said Windows 7 has exceeded Mac in some respect.

As the publication time is coming sooner and sooner, many software develop company are updating their products to fulfill Windows 7, such as Simpo PDF Creator, Avira AntiVir , Tweak-7 ect. Hence, Windows 7 is a new revolution for the entire world.

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