Add Comments/Notes to PDF with Preview on Mac OS X

When we read a paper book or newspaper, sometimes we add comments or notes to some important paragraph and sentences. This can be easily archived in a PDF document on a computer, and it’s much easier when you are using a Mac, as the Preview, which is default installed on all Macs, also allows users to add comments to PDF (which is a popular format for electronic documents sharing and archiving) or add notes to PDF to call attention.

To add comments to PDF on Mac, you can follow the steps below.

Step1, click Tools button > choose Annotate Tool > choose Tools > Annotation > Text Annotation;

Step2, drag in the document until the note is the size you want > Double-click the note to add notes to PDF;
Step3, when you’re done, resize the note to make sure you can see all its text, and move it so it doesn’t cover any other notes;
Step4, select another tool, and when the process to add comments to PDF is done, you can directly save the PDF now.
Tips: Before you save the PDF, you can also edit or delete the PDF comments. To move or resize the comments box, just choose Tools > Annotate Tool; to edit the comments’ text, choose Tools > Annotate Tool, and double-click the note; to delete the note, choose Tools > Annotate Tool, select the note, and press Delete. After you save a PDF, the contents, size, and position of any notes you added cannot be changed.

By the way to add notes to PDF document, you can provide feedback or point out something you want to remember. It’s much easier to add notes to a PDF document:

First, click Annotate in the toolbar and choose Note;

Second, click the spot where you want to add PDF notes;

Third, enter your note’s text. The note is to the left of the icon, beyond the edge of the page. You may need to scroll to see it.

You can also change the note’s icon and color if need: choose Tools > Show Inspector > change icon and color.

In fact, Apple’s preview has some other features, allows users to annotate PDF on Mac, add text to images, add bookmark to PDF, merge many PDF files to one, print multiple images on one page, etc.

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