Apple may released two iPhones in September

Apple might surprise consumers this year by releasing not one but two iPhones, an analyst for Deutsche Bank Equity Research says.
Chris Whitmore predicted that at the same time Apple releases a fifth-generation iPhone, probably in September, the company will also show off a speedier version of the existing iPhone 4 that consumers will be able to buy for $350 without a contract.  The lower-cost phone, he said, would feature a prepaid calling plan in which consumers could pay monthly for a limited number of talk minutes.
Apple’s iPhones are generally among the more expensive smartphones available. But a souped-up iPhone 4, Whitmore believes, could help Apple compete with less-expensive phones from other companies.
Whitmore said that sales of lower-cost, “mid-range” smartphones are expected to grow three times as fast as sales of premium models, such as the current iPhone. By 2014, shipments of mid-range smartphones could surpass those of premium ones, Whitmore said.
“We believe the time is right for Apple to focus on driving penetration into the mid-range smartphone market and drastically expand its addressable market,” he said, noting that Nokia Corp. and Research in Motion Ltd., which sell lower-cost handsets, are both struggling.

“Apple might surprise consumers this year by releasing not one but two iPhones.” An analyst for Deutsche Bank Equity Research says.

Most people had predicted that Apple would release a fifth-generation iPhone on WWDC 2011, but the rumors collapse by itself on June, 6th, when Apple’s 2011 WWDC was hold in San Francisco.

And now an analyst, Chris Whitmore predicts that  Apple will release a fifth-generation iPhone probably in September, the same time to release new iPod.

And some others also predict another time that Apple “May” release the fifth-generation iPhone in the special meetings in August.

And many fans have guessed a lot of features about the fifth-generation iPhone. Below lists several ones.

1. The iPhone 5 will be equipped with a speedy dual core A5 chip processor and be released in two colors – black and white, which is expected by most Apple fans.

2. Many people want the iPhone 5 to have NFC iWallet Technology, which would allow users to pay for everything from cake to clothes by waving the iPhone 5 across a dedicated reader.

3. From plastic to glass to unibody aluminium, this is the transition we want the iPhone 5 to have this time around, much like their latest Macbook series of computers.

4. This is another software update we want to see – an updated stock Photo Gallery, and an update to the ‘Photos’ App is inevetable at some point.

5. The iPhone 5 should have home screen widgets or some form of added customization options available. This feature doesn’t have the highest probability of happening due to Apple’s genuine philosophy for simplicity, but who exactly likes a standard digital format clock as their home screen?

Besides these top features may be added in iPhone 5, what other functions do you want most?

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