Convert Images to a PDF e-book

Sometimes, people want to put many different pictures together as an E-book for easy reading and sharing, such as JPG to PDF, TIF to PDF, BMP to PDF. How to convert images to PDF format and combine these images into a single PDF? Now, I would like to introduce a useful E-book maker to you and teach you how to make an E-book easily from JPG to PDF, TIF to PDF, BMP to PDF.

Step 1. Download and start PDF Creator Pro.

Click to download Simpo PDF Creator Pro and install it. Then run this program by double-click the icon.

Step 2. Add image files.

Click “Add file(s)” button to import image files you need for E-book. These images could be in different file formats, .JPG, .TIF, .BMP, etc. You could change the position of images, just choose one image and click “Move Up” or “Move Down” to adjust. As this E-book maker allows to convert images to PDF and merge them all to a single PDF, just set the option “Merge all files to one pdf file”.

Tips: According to the third way of Interface,you could set other advanced settings if you want.

Step 3. Convert images to PDF E-book.

When everything is ready, click “Convert” to make a professional E-book.

Tips: This E-book maker could not only JPG to PDF, TIFF to PDF, BMP to PDF, but also convert any printable image files to PDF. And you could merge all images to PDF at the same time.

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