Converting PDF to Word

What’s PDF?
PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format created by Adobe System in 1993 and becomes an open standard for document exchange.

Why PDF?
PDF is world-widely used nowadays in people’s life. Why? As this file format is compatible with any operating system in any computer, no matter Windows, Linux or Mac. The other reason, in case you want to share your PDF files with other people, but you need to keep the copyright and don’t allow others to copy, edit and print these PDF; you could claim authority and set password to prevent others from changing.

What we do to reuse a PDF?
From the above, we know that people always protect their PDF documents from copying, editing and printing, but what we can do when we want to quote and copy some contents from a PDF? Can we use some software which assists to change this read-only PDF to editable file format? Yes. A converter from PDF to Word is designed to solve this problem. With a professional PDF to doc converter, you could easily get a Word file, and then copying, editing or printing the contents is a piece of cake.

How to convert PDF to Word?
Simpo PDF to Word is an excellent PDF converter to Doc. This application provides an easy to use interface which is suitable for experts and novices, just several clicks, your Word files generated with high quality, contents including text font, graphs, tables and layouts are all preserved from original PDF.

The Interface of PDF to Word converter

First, click “Add PDF(s)” to import PDF files (scanned PDF is not supported);
Second, choose output format, PDF to Word or PDF to Text. Also, this tool allows you to choose a new output path.
Third, click “Convert” button to start. Batches of PDF convert to Word at once.

Any other features are attractive for you?
In this modern and commercial society, whatever we buy, we will consider its value and cost. Here I’d like to show you a much economical PDF to Word converter – Simpo PDF to Word. It is a standalone application, you don’t need to spend hundreds of money to have an Adobe® Acrobat or other PDF Readers installed in your computer; and there are two functions combined in this single software, PDF to Word and PDF to Text, which means, you own two PDF converters together.

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