Friend, say goodbye to your paper

Every day we need print a lot of documents to record our word or business. However, when you need use them, you will feel very difficult to find it or even you can get it easily but you can’t be sure it kept pretty well, some even cannot be able to read. Especially, for some important documents, we have to worry how to keep it safe or in the proper condition. All of them bunched together are big disaster, so why don’t we just leave them? From now on, let’s dump our papers together!

“Since I used PDF Creator in my office, I nearly didn’t touch the paper. That’s really amazing, and my work also turns more efficient.” said office secretary.

Since Adobe Reader developed, PDF document had covered the whole world. Its high security property makes it be the first choice in the business field. And if you store your documents in computer, it will be more convenient to find and use again. Because PDF can’t be edit and support encryption, so you don’t need bother someone can read or copy or it will be disappeared in one day. Now the problem turns to how to create PDF document. Everyone knows Adobe Reader is free to read only but not create. But there are many good PDF Creators available in the internet, I just show one which is impressed by me.

The new version of Simpo PDF Creator really gave me a big surprise. Based on the old version, it possesses its independent interface. That means people can create PDF from interface, virtual printer and right click. It supports to convert from MS Office documents, Visio Project, Publisher, Image and all the printable files to PDF. If anyone is interested, you can go to its official website,  to know it well.

This is the really great idea for the office work. We can save our time, papers, but the most important is we don’t need waste our energy to worry about! Hence, let’s walk together into non-paper time!

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