How to convert Fax to PDF?

21st century is the internet world. Nowadays, people dumped the traditional fax machine to pursue the electronic fax as it’s more convenient and make our office works easier. But sometimes we would rather to use PDF format for some important work files, as PDF has been prevalent. How to convert fax to PDF? You just need a fax to PDF converter.

Batch Fax to PDF converter is a professional fax to PDF converter which supports to convert .apf, .awd, .bfx, .cals, .cal, .mil, .ras, .img, .gp4, .dcx, .fmf, .fxd, .fxm , .fxr, .fxs, .g3f, .g3n, .ds, .qfx, .tif, and .tiff fax files to .pdf, and other Group 3 and Group 4 compressed fax like .g3, .g31d, .g32d, .g4, .mh, .mr, .mmr, and .raw fax to .pdf in batches. Meanwhile, it doesn’t need Adobe Reader.


More feature of Batch Fax to PDF Converter

  1. Create much more smaller PDF files in size
  2. Keep the converted file’s date and time optionally
  3. Supports both GUI and command line mode
  4. No need of Adobe Acrobat

Note: awd fax is supported on win2000/xp (not win9x/winMe) family, and you need download awd patch (it’s free), run it to setup before you can convert awd fax to PDF with Batch Fax to PDF Converter.

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