How to Convert PDF to Word Free

There are many PDF to Word converter on the internet, some are free but most not. In this article, I will introduce two typical free PDF to Word converters and show you the steps to use it to convert PDF to Word free.

1. ZamZar

ZamZar is a popular and free PDF to Word converter. Actually, this online PDF to Word converter can not only convert PDF to Word free, but also support to output many other file formats: Image formats like bmp, gif, jpg, png and tiff, etc.; Doc formats like csv, doc/docx, html, ppt/pptx, xls/xlsx, txt and xml, etc.; Music formats like mp3, wav and wma, etc.; Video formats like 3gp, ipad and iphone, etc. It’s a multi-functional PDF converter.

It’s easy to use, just follow below steps.

Step1. Upload your PDF file.

Step2. Choose output file formats. When you upload the PDF file, there will be some relavant output file formats for choice; and if you upload a video file, the output file formats will be showed different according to the relavance of original uploaded file.

Step3. Enter the email address.

Step4. Convert PDF to Word free.

However, it only converts a file with the maximum size of 100MB, this is enough for most people to convert a PDF document. And it requires an email add to receive the converted document, so, you need to wait for a little while, I’m not sure how long it takes, that depends. If you want to convert PDF to Word free for urgent use, you may find another way.

2. ConvertPDFtoWord

Convertpdftoword is also an online and free PDF to Word converter. It only provides the way to convert PDF to Word free, no other output file formats, but much easier to use, just two steps.

Step1. Upload the PDF file by clicking the “Choose File” button.

Step2. Click “Convert and Download” to start to convert PDF to Word free.

Another one – is same as Convertpdftoword and provides free online service to convert PDF to Word.

In most common cases, people only want to convert PDF to Word free, so the second free PDF to Word converter can fulfill your need most of the time. But when you need other function, you just give ZamZar a shot.

3. Google Docs

Google Docs is an online document processing service, you can view PDF files or convert PDF to Word free with it.

Step1, sign in Google Account ( Sign up for a free Google Account if you don’t have)

Step2,  upload your PDF to Google Docs

Step3, convert PDF to Word free with Google Docs

By the way, these two free PDF to Word converters don’t support batch conversion, so, if you have to convert a large number of PDF files to Word format, you need to find some other efficient ways, maybe a PDF to Word converter that supports batch conversion is a good choice.

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