How to Delete any Specific pages from a PDF file

To advocate a “green” life and work, people use more and more PDF files widely; according to Google index, there are almost 370 million PDF files on the internet. People would like to ¬†create and share PDF files, inevitably, you may meet this case: you want to share a PDF file with others, but only a portion of it, not the whole PDF file, just several specific pages. At this time, what will you do?

In this article, I will tell you how to delete any specific pages from a PDF in two ways:

Way1: using Adobe Acrobat

If you have enough budget, you can purchase this expensive but professional PDF tool – Adobe Acrobat Pro version or Stand version, then follow below steps to delete PDF pages:

1. Download Adobe Acrobat > install it on your computer > run the program.

2. Go to Tools > Click Pages and you’ll find the Delete function in the list, click it.








3. Then a dialogue box pops up for you to choose any specific pages. Or you can select those pages at first and check the Selected option in this box window.




Way2: Using a PDF splitter

There are many PDF splitters on the web, you can search some one in Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engine; or use this one I recommend to you – Simpo PDF Merge & Split.

1. Download the app > install and run it. You can download it from, then double click the setup .exe file to install it on your computer.

2. Import a PDF and choose a way to delete the pages from the PDF. Generally, the option of Remove page(s) is used to delete any specific pages from a PDF. This is for the case that you have few pages to remove from a PDF. If you meet some cases that want to extract few pages from a PDF and delete most other pages, you can check Extract page(s) to extract those useful few and delete useless most. And this PDF splitter lets you  split a PDF file into separated PDFs.









3. Click Split button to delete selected specific pages from a PDF.

In my opinion, the latter way is much easier and a PDF splitter is affordable for most of us, but Adobe Acrobat also lets you edit PDF in Word. Anyway, it depends on your need.

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